What are the Fastest Ways to Find a Job?

Times are tough at the moment, and the world has seen an extraordinary amount of lay-offs taking place due to the sweeping effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been estimated that 81% of the global population have been directly impacted by partial or total closure of their workplace. 

In order to maintain some kind of income in these times, a lot of people are searching for the quickest ways to find and secure a job. But, just how easy is that? 

2020 started off with there being over 7.7 million job openings in the US alone, and although this number has since rapidly declined, there are still a number of jobs that you can possibly secure in the next few months. We thought we would take a look at how 

Have All of Your Documentation Ready 

The first step you will need to take is to have everything ready to start applying. Make sure your resume or CV is up to date. Add in your recent experience, and proof your resume to remove any unnecessary information. Make sure that the resume has an objective statement, is simple and keyword rich.

Get a list of your most current references together. Don’t include your references on your resume. Rather, create a totally different document that you can send should a hiring manager request it. 

Start writing the skeleton of your cover letter. What you need to keep in mind about your cover letter is that you will need to shape it according to each job you apply for. So, get the general outline ready, and be prepared to fill it out with the relevant info. Make sure you read each job spec carefully, and do a bit of research before filling this out. 

Offer Remote Work 

There has been a massive shift to remote work for most companies globally, mostly due to COVID-19. Restrictions and lockdowns have forced millions of people to work from home over the last few months. It is expected when these restrictions start easing, that more and more people will be working remotely going forward. 

In fact, at the beginning of 2017, only 3% of the global population worked remotely. This has jumped to a huge 64% in 2020. Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google have gone so far as to make thousands of jobs totally remote. 

It is advisable to pivot your skills to be able to work predominantly from home, and online. Do some research into how to expand your skills and expertise to make yourself more attractive to hiring managers who might be looking for consultants, freelancers or remote workers. 

Consider Changing Professions for a While 

In demand jobs have also been vastly impacted by COVID-19. For the last few years, positions in physical training and fitness as well as occupational therapy topped the most in demand list. Financial positions also found themselves at the top of the list, with financial advisor and finance manager being highly sought after. 

2019 and 2020 saw a shift in this, and during the pandemic, more pressure was put on the medical field. Currently, the computer sciences and medical industries are the top fields looking for candidates, with registered nurses and medical aids increasing weekly. 

Here are the job titles that had the most job postings in May 2020:

  • Software Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Salesperson
  • Driver
  • Supermarket Department Specialist
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Store Associate
  • Supply Chain Associate
  • Food Service Worker

Find a Recruiter

Your next step, especially if you are looking for a job soon is to find a recruiter. You should naturally keep up the job search on your side; send out as many resumes as possible!

But to cast your net even further will be possible with your resume in a few recruiters hands. They will have a connection to various companies looking for new candidates. In the meantime, however, make sure you keep doing work from your side. 

You can also let recruiters know you are looking by changing your status on LinkedIn. Simply change your Career Interests section on the dashboard, and they will be able to see that you are actively looking. 

Comment and post on LinkedIn articles and posts. Reach out to your network. Join professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and contribute to them. Keep your eyes on both platforms to see what is being posted. You never know where an opportunity might pop up.  

Join Wanted

One of the easiest ways to find a new job quickly, and yes, we have kept this for last, is to join Wanted. 

Wanted is an online platform that allows job-seekers to upload their profile to passively search for jobs. But what does this mean? 

Essentially, you can create your profile, highlighting your skills, experience and salary requirements and hiring companies can search through the relevant candidates and narrow them down to what they can afford and what they are looking for. 

They will only be able to see more about you once they request an introduction, whereafter the interview will be set. 

This means that you will have more time to yourself while companies come looking for you! You stay anonymous until someone finds you who can afford you. 

Joining is quick and easy and only takes one minute. All you need to do is set your salary requirement, drop your LinkedIn profile or resume and wait. 

It’s as simple as that. 

So, good luck, and may the job offers come flooding in!

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