Our Mission to Create a Transparent Job Market

To make a business successful, you need to have the right employees. Employees that are qualified to do their job, but also employees that are happy and satisfied in their job. This makes hiring and retaining top talent a critical component to the success of organizations. But we’ve found a major flaw in the recruitment process and it all comes down to the lack of transparency.

Offering a fair salary in relation to industry standards and what fellow co-workers are earning is just one of the strategies taken by companies to keep employees’ content. But what is a fair salary? Who determines the fairness of the salary? In most cases, it’s the employer. The employer will know what everyone else in the company is currently earning as well as what the industry standard is. And the employee is usually left in the dark. Is this still fair? Not exactly a level playing field, is it?

We grow up being told not to talk about how much you make, so when you get a job, you don’t know how to have a conversation about salary. The subject of salary transparency has been a taboo for too long. We’re shaking off this taboo and giving you the power to put your salary expectations out there, up front. And at the same time avoiding the awkward conversion down the line.

Who we are

  • Our vision at Wanted is to have talent recognized and appropriately valued for their contribution. In our world, there isn’t any discrimination due to gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. Salaries are based on skills and experience.
  • It’s our mission to make the job industry transparent and to empower talent to know their worth. We’re here to educate, inspire and empower people to know what they are worth on the job market and what they should be paid.
  • Our values are transparency, fairness and simplicity. Our product is simple (sign up takes only one-minute), fair (you chose the salary for which you'd like to be hired out for) and transparent (salary is committed by the company. There is no range and no estimation, only your salary requirement or more). 

We’re here to speak up for you. And to encourage you to speak up for yourself and ask for what you deserve. We’re pulling you out of your comfort zone. Though, is it really a comfort zone if it’s a place where you are likely being taken advantage of?

What we stand for and what we do

Wanted is a talent first platform. We are here to make the talent life simpler. You don't need to fill in a 15-page form to get on board - simply drop your LinkedIn profile and minimum salary and you’re done. We have human validators (no relying on algorithms for this important task) that are approving profiles and pulling your information off your LinkedIn profile to then match with our database for job opportunities.

We do this so that talent (that’s you) can focus on what matters. Finding you opportunities that make sense, by filtering out those that don’t.

We’re keeping things simple and straightforward. Companies listing job opportunities on Wanted commit to signing a pledge to commit to a salary first, based only on experience and skills. Candidates stay fully anonymous in the process – not letting their age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion influence any decisions made by the company. Your identity (as the talent) is only revealed when a company selects to have an interview with you. But by that time, they have already committed to the salary that you want.

Think of us as your personal head-hunter – scouting only the best opportunities for you.

Why are we doing this?

The traditional methods of talent recruitment need to change. Firstly, to fix the wage gaps and secondly to address wage stagnation.

Wage gaps generally occur between men and women, as well as between marginalized groups and white-identifying groups. On average, white women in the U.S. earn 79% of what white men make, black women earn 63% of what white men make, Native American women bring in 57%, and Hispanic women bring in 54%, according to a 2018 report from the American Association of University Women.

Equalizing the field is crucial for any industry to pay competitive wages — and to promote fairness. We’re doing this by bringing in anonymity – making the company select a candidate without allowing prejudice, whether conscious or not, to creep in. 

Wage stagnation has also increased calls for pay transparency in the economy. U.S. workers have struggled with wage stagnation for several decades and it’s time for salaries to start increasing along with the inflation rate.

For transparency

One of the major benefits of pay transparency is encouraging equal pay among employees. Pay transparency also helps attract a more diverse workforce, which is always a good thing. In addition, transparency establishes trust, and makes employees feel that they’re working for a company with higher ethical standards. When transparency is added to the corporate culture, employees will be more engaged and committed to the vision of the company.

While many in the job market industry are calling for increased pay transparency, few companies are actually doing it. Overall, only 17% of private employers in the U.S. now make pay transparent, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). This isn’t enough.

For fairness

Yes, you want a job that offers you job satisfaction. But you also need to pay your bills, right? It’s become too hard to get both. We want you to land your dream job that can also pay your bills. Dream job with a dream salary. Yes, it’s possible.

For simplicity

Listening in on the job market doesn’t need to be a fulltime job. It should be easy to find the job that you’re looking for. We’re putting the power into the job seekers hands and making the companies find you. Simple and easy. 

We’ve also found that there is so much time wasted in the recruitment process. Many companies tend to make talent go through a series of interviews before actually getting serious about putting an offer in the table. Then, the offer could be far from what you are looking for. Which basically means you’ve wasted your time. Or, you go through the whole process and just end up being ghosted by the HR representative or recruitment company. We’re putting a stop to that. Commit to the serious things first, like salary, and then work through the nitty gritty. No negotiations.

So, that’s us in a nutshell...

We’re here to create a world of fair, equal and transparent salaries across the board. A world where your age, race or gender have absolutely no influence on your salary. And a world where you don’t have to waste precious time job hunting and partaking in long recruitment processes. Because, after all, you’re better than that. We know you are!