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The Most Desirable Skills to Land Your Dream Job

So, you are in the process of putting your resume together to land that dream job. You have built up years of work and life experience and are now only supposed to put it down on two pages.  There is a lot “trimming the fat” that you have to do right? Well, we are here to help. 

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What are the Fastest Ways to Find a Job?

Times are tough at the moment, and the world has seen an extraordinary amount of lay-offs taking place due to the sweeping effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been estimated that 81% of the global population have been directly impacted by partial or total closure of their workplace.  In order to maintain some kind of income in these times, a lot of people are searching for the quickest ways to find and secure a job. But, just how easy is that? 

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Are women to blame for earning less than men?

On Wanted, over 70% of women's salary expectations are lower than their male counterparts. This trend seems to be confirmed across all jobs and levels of seniority. Even though women's salary expectations seem to get proportionally closer to men’s as they become more experienced, this change seems too little to fully close the gap down the road. 

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How to Nail Your Two Week Notice Letter

You have either landed your dream job, or you just feel like it’s time to move on from your current employer. The next step is to let them know that you will unfortunately be moving on from your position. This is a very daunting task for anyone who has to hand in a resignation letter, and frankly, no-one enjoys the experience.

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2020: do I still need a CV?

A complete Curriculum Vitae will cover everything that hiring a manager for a sought after job will be looking for. You need to keep in mind that they have a set list of requirements that they are looking to fill, and if this cannot be easily picked up on your CV, your application will get popped into the rejection pile.

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Americans' dream wage is 25% above their current salary

As a result of our study where we compared the desired salary employed job seekers have entered on Wanted with the current market averages of their job titles, seniority and city, Americans expect a salary that is about 25% above their current compensation. It’s definitely not the only factor that matters, but salary is a key ingredient to motivate and engage employees.