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The Best and Highest Paying Jobs to Apply For in Computer Science

There is an increased need for IT staff in companies to create and manage online platforms as well as rapidly evolve the organisation's online presence to meet the demands that come with lockdown. If a career in IT is what you are interested in, we broke down what roles you can consider, what you would require for them and what the current average salary is per role. 

How Can I Negotiate My Salary for My Next Job?

Interestingly, salary is one of the biggest reasons for people wanting to leave their jobs. Recent research shows that 70.82% of people who have quit their job did so due to money. Interestingly, it differed between the various age groups, with few Baby Boomers being motivated to look for new jobs due to lower incomes. 

The Best Paying Jobs in 2020

One of the biggest considerations, when applying for a new job, is what the salary is going to be for the position. In many cases, discussions around the remuneration usually come later on during the interview process. This could possibly lead to the candidate abandoning the application as their salary requirements have not been fulfilled.