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How Can I Negotiate My Salary for My Next Job?

Interestingly, salary is one of the biggest reasons for people wanting to leave their jobs. Recent research shows that 70.82% of people who have quit their job did so due to money. Interestingly, it differed between the various age groups, with few Baby Boomers being motivated to look for new jobs due to lower incomes. 

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The Best Paying Jobs in 2020

One of the biggest considerations, when applying for a new job, is what the salary is going to be for the position. In many cases, discussions around the remuneration usually come later on during the interview process. This could possibly lead to the candidate abandoning the application as their salary requirements have not been fulfilled. 

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The Highest Paying Jobs for Beginners in 2020

Most of the well-paying jobs like surgeons and anesthesiologists take a number of years before they start actually paying well, and you will need to work through several years of gaining valuable experience. But there are some professions that you can start earning a decent salary as soon as you walk into the job. We took a look at these jobs and what you will need to land in the career. 

Rob Kniaz from Hoxton Ventures, David Guerin from Brigheye, Romain Lavault from Partech and Jean de la Rochebrochard from Kima Ventures

The Future of Work: VCs discuss entrepreneurship and startup investment trends of 2020

Companies are impacted by the crisis very differently. Romain Lavault, Partner at Partech Ventures, sees the nuances of the current situation “Approximately 20% are severely impacted due to social distanciation and have no choice than to scale down and sometimes pause operations until the end of the lockdown, with no guarantee that the business will pick up quickly”. 

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5 Steps to Asking Your Boss For a Sabbatical

Asking for a sabbatical from your company can be intimidating and stressful for anybody. But there does come a time in many employees' service when a vacation or a long weekend simply does not suffice. While sabbaticals are rare in most companies in the US, there is a growing trend to taking off extended time to recharge, destress and return to work fresh.