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#KnowYourDev: The Only Soft Skills That a Developer Will Need

Soft skills are considered as the interpersonal, social and communication skills that someone displays in their working environment. For most jobs, having the basic soft skills is important as they are dealing with other people on a daily basis. Developers, however, tend to like more independently. 

#KnowYourDev: The Top 8 Tips From a Remote Developer

Over the last five years, there has been a significant movement toward more and more people working from home. Positions like content developers, graphic designers and, of course, developers have, increasingly, become more and more remote than office-based. This has been further accelerated by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the enforcement of lockdown all over the globe. 

The Average US Salary By State: A Comparative Breakdown

Living and working in the US can differ greatly from one state to another. What might be a great salary in central US, might not pay your bills in the coastal regions of the country. We looked into the average salary that you can expect to earn in each state, and where you can expect to earn more based on your skills and expertise.