The Best and Highest Paying Jobs to Apply for in Marketing

The marketing department is one of the most diverse departments in any company. It is the division in the company where creative minds come together with strategic planners to develop and roll out the concepts and ideas to attract and hook new customers. It is vital for the marketing role to be adaptive and mouldable as possible to evolve with the industry. They need to be able to keep up with industry trends, new technologies and the ever increasing demands of the customer. Marketers need to constantly have their finger on the pulse of news and trends and know what the customer wants even before they do. 

If you have a creative streak in you and feel like you would thrive in a marketing department, there are a number of roles in the department that might appeal to you. From the entry-level internships, all the way up to the head of the department, there are a multitude of positions that require various skills and expertise. If you are interested in landing a role in the department, we took a look at the various roles in the marketing department, what the average pay is for each position and what will be expected of you.

The Average Salary of the Marketing Department Ranked

What Do You Need to Start a Career in Marketing

The marketing department is a plethora of different roles to suit people with different backgrounds and skills. It is the creative hub of the company, and with that comes a variety of requirements to land a role. As a rule of thumb, most senior positions do require a Bachelor degree in Marketing or something similar. But if you take a look further down to the other roles like the graphic designers for example. Many companies just require a certificate or diploma in graphic design or a formal training in the use of the various tools. In this position, the employees abilities far outweigh the educational requirements. So if you can build up a great portfolio and know how to effectively work your way around programs such as Dreamweaver, AutoCAD and Photoshop, you could land yourself in a company. 

What are the Responsibilities of Each Role?

Let’s take a look at the roles of the department from the head down to the various branches. A Chief Marketing Officer or Head of Marketing role is responsible for the full administrative and strategic management of the marketing department. Their key focus is on driving sales in the company up with effective advertising and campaigns. They manage budgets, clients, suppliers and the human element in the department. Most CMO’s sit on the Board of the company and report directly to stakeholders and the CEO. Just under the CMO are the Marketing, Product, Digital and Creative Managers. Let’s delve a bit more into the two largest branches. 

Product Marketers 

The Product Marketing department is responsible for having a full understanding of who the customer is, what their demographics are, what their needs and interests are and how they behave. They are focussed on the product, bringing it to the market and making it a success with the customer. This is the department that strategizes the branding, key messaging and tratectory for the product. They have to be able to brief and communicate with the other roles in the marketing department how the product needs to be effectively marketed to the customer. It is really important for this department, therefore, to have a close relationship with the other branches in the marketing department. 

The Digital Marketers 

The Digital department focuses mainly on the online marketing strategy and customer engagement. This department integrates content writers, graphic designers, channel managers, social media managers and digital strategists to effectively manage the company's online presence. This department has a close relationship with website developers and web designers in order to manage the online presence effectively. The digital department, especially the social media managers are responsible for the direct engagement with the customer online. They have direct access to the measurement of the success of campaigns and can relay real-time customer response back to the team. 

The Growth Trajectory in the Marketing Department 

The marketing department is one of the departments with the most room to grow in the company. As mentioned, you can enter the company as a social media manager or marketing intern and slowly work your way up to senior management. One of the most important things to keep in mind, if you are wanting to work your way up the ladder is to keep learning and growing your skillset while you work. If digital marketing has captured your attention, keep up with trends and work your way through tutorials and trainings. Constantly upgrade yourself and soon you will find yourself working your way up to managing various aspects of the company's online presence. 

Marketing departments are also constantly growing and the forecasted job openings for the end of 2020 and 2021, especially in the online and digital fields is significantly higher than other departments. 

Last Thoughts 

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