The Highest Paying Jobs for Beginners in 2020

So, the years of school and studying have finally started drawing to a close, and it's time to start looking for your first job. Let’s face it, things are tough out there for someone who is just starting off in the job market. You are going in as an entry-level candidate with no experience under your belt. It is true what they say, you do have to start from the bottom and work your way up, and usually the bottom is not very lucrative at all. 

Most of the well-paying jobs like surgeons and anesthesiologists take a number of years before they start actually paying well, and you will need to work through several years of gaining valuable experience. But there are some professions that you can start earning a decent salary as soon as you walk into the job. We took a look at these jobs and what you will need to land in the career. 

Development and Digital Take the Forefront 

One thing that you will notice from the list above is that some of the highest paid positions are in the web development and technology fields. People with basic knowledge of software development can start right away in companies and can start earning a relatively good salary. Once you know your specific language and have built up some expertise in the field, there is no tangible career development. Senior developers can become team leaders in their companies, however, the pay difference is not usually high enough for most developers to take it. 

The highest earner, a UX Designer, holds a variety of responsibilities in the organisation. They are responsible for ensuring the experience for the customer is as optimized and streamlined as possible. They conduct user testing, interviews and surveys to determine how people use various software solutions, and then translate this information into sitemaps, wireframes and product prototypes. This is a highly technical role, and similarly to software development, has stunted career development, unless you start working remotely. 

Freelance and Remote Work Needs to be Considered

There are a number of entry-level careers that can be somewhat overlooked in this due to the fact that the work is billed per hour. In many cases, developers and software engineers can fall into this category of remote, hourly billing, but in these cases, your effort and hours put in can determine your take-home salary. 

Positions like community managers, copy and content writers, social media managers and digital marketing strategists can potentially earn a high salary if they build up their portfolio and client lists. In many cases, these positions have the potential to earn more working remotely than they do working full-time for one company. 

Other hourly positions need to be considered too, like dental hygienists, registered nurses, home care assistants and business consultants. These, too, have the potential to earn a high salary from the time they step into the position. Once again, it depends on the amount of work one does that determines the income for the month. 

Wrapping Up 

Walking into your first position and earning what you want can be quite tough. In many cases, your expectations can be a lot higher than what the positions are offering, especially if you don’t have any experience. The best advice is to do a lot of research on the position and find out how much the average salary is. You can then upload your profile onto a platform like Wanted and list your required salary. The rest of the profile will be anonymous, just your skills and expertise will be visible to your potential employers. If your salary matches up to your profile and is within the company's budget, they will request and introduction and be able to view your whole profile.

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