Travelling and Working: These Ten Companies Let You Live the Dream

There is a definite growing trend to more and more people wanting to live and work remotely. In fact, only 13% of the world's population used to work remotely in 2017, and this has grown to a staggering 56% in 2020. 

But, on top of that, there are more and more people who want to live and work “on the road”. Over the years, the younger generations have been less interested in the “white picket fence” lifestyle and have rather wanted to see the world while working.

If this is something that appeals to you, we took a look at the types of jobs and companies that allow you to travel and work at the same time. 

Flight Attendant

If seeing the world is high on your priority list, this job should be your first consideration. Landing a job at one of the world’s top airlines means that you will spend your time in the air, travelling from one country to another. 

You will first be required to fly domestically for a few years to gain experience before embarking on the international flights. 


Discounted flights for you and your family are part of the perks of being a flight attendant, as well as being able to see much of the world. So if filling up your passport is important to you this will allow you to do so while earning money. 


You will need to undergo extensive training, spend long hours on your feet, deal with disruptive passengers, be customer facing and be prepared for unusual hours and jet lag. 


BA, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, SAA, Quantas etc. 

Cruise Ship Worker 

From the air to the seas. The next possible role is to work on the cruise liners. There are always a large variety of roles open on cruise liners from chefs and cooks to cleaners, entertainment, retail assistants, waiters and entertainers. It is important to check what you qualify for before simply heading off to apply for a role. 


Because you don’t have to pay for accommodation and meals, everything you make essentially goes straight into your savings account. You can walk away from this job with a great nest egg and having accumulated some great memories and a lot more stamps in your passport.


The hours are long and the work can be very hard. You won’t always get the opportunity to leave the ship at every port as you will have to work and you might have to deal with some tricky customers. You will also need to develop sea legs quite quickly and be able to deal with choppy seas and storms 


  • Carnival Cruise Line;
  • Costa Cruises;
  • Cunard Cruise Line;
  • Holland America Cruise Line;
  • Princess Cruise.
  • Disney Cruise Line;
  • Norwegian Cruise Line;
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises.

International Aid Worker

If making a difference and travelling to remote and new places are your top passions in life, this might be the job for you. You will be sent to areas that are experiencing hardships like war, famine and even have experienced natural disasters to provide humanitarian assistance. This will most likely mean that you will be seeing parts of the world that most people have no access to. 


Apart from being able to make a difference in people’s lives and leave notable contributions to society, the role comes with several perks. You will receive a full salary, housing, student loan deferment and it will open you up to a plethora of roles if you decide to change careers. 


The work is naturally taxing both physically and emotionally. You will find yourself being sent to hard hit areas and could be placed in a high conflict area. You will have to live with very basic necessities and have substandard housing for the most parts of your travels. 


  • Red Cross;
  • US Aid;
  • Peace Corps;
  • United Nations; 
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).


Another option is to become a consultant in a particular field of business. You will need to spend a number of years working within organisations and building up your specialty in order to be able to sell your services to companies. Once you master a particular specialty, you can find yourself in high demand in various organizations. 

Businesses are continuously hiring consultants to come in and solve particular problems that they are having, and if you market yourself correctly, you can ensure that you can travel to various parts of the world to work with various clients. 


You will be making a difference in companies who are struggling to solve particular problems. In most cases your client will cover travel, accommodation and meals for the duration of the stay. 


Work is not always constant and guaranteed. In times of recession and as in the case of COVID-19, companies cut back on consultant expenditure. You will also be working long, irregular hours, especially when you are on a project. The company will usually give you a specific timeframe for turnaround, so there is always a lot of pressure to make a difference. 


This is usually a role where you work independently and for yourself. However, working for agencies and companies like McKinsey and Deloitte will prepare you for the work and lifestyle of working as a consultant. 

  • Boston Consulting Group;
  • Schellman & Company;

Travel Agent 

You might think that in the digital age that there is not need for travel agents, but that is a definite oversight. Travel agents are actually more in demand than ever before due to their experience and hands-on knowledge of travel. Travel agents also save the time and money of people looking to travel as they are able to book everything through their resources. 

Travellers will also choose a travel agent as a safety net as they will know what travel and accommodation options are safe to choose from. 


High discounts for hotels and accommodation around the world as they would like you to refer them. Travel costs are highly reduced for agents. 


The role is determined on how much you sell and if there is a recession, or facing a pandemic like COVID-19, your income can be drastically reduced.